My small kids grow up very fast, I thinking. WHAT IF!What can i do to keep these precious memories before they grow up.

Do u have any idea how to keep these memories?

I think ……  IF we can imprint my baby handprint footprint on a art clay for keepsakes.


What a wonderful ideal?

Now it’s your chance to capture the exact shape and size of your child’s hands, right down to the fine lines on their little hand and little feet! You know how fast they grow … Have their clay prints done before they grow!


Easy shape clay in your hand

That is the easiest way to create Art clay imprint keepsakes. Inside the package with a clay material pack & photo frame. Take out the clay make it like a smooth clay ball. Next thing put the smooth clay ball into the center photo frame & press it on, flatten it to thickness 1.5cm height.


This is the 1 step finished

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Step to imprint baby handprint footprint

Before you can imprint your baby handprint or footprint. Please clean baby hand and foot. Next you have to put a little bit baby waseline onto baby imprint skin area. Now you can start your imprint your baby handprint to the art clay.

Well done.

The Last step

After you have done all your baby imprint process.

Now you just need to leave the clay dry for few days to a week indoor room temperature with air flow dry area.


Dry within a week is depend on you room temperature.
**Important: Don’t put the photo frame toward sunlight.


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For Art Clay Impression Kits – Art Clay Everlasting Handprint, Footprint



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