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The Artifical fake food display for Malaysia Hopo Cultural Museum created by Clay Malaysia.
Total 6 plate of replica food for museums hopo cake, rice & cookies. In the display window, look so shiny and delicious. Hopo cookies fake food models look good enough to eat. But they’re handmade replicas.




The Malaysia Hopo Museum is the first Hepo Museum in Malaysia.
It is operated by the Malaysia Hopo Cultural Fund established in 2014.

This museum has a number of attractive artifacts, such as bamboo pillows, wooden pillows, charcoal irons, both practical and aesthetic.
Talking about Hepo food, how could miss the Hopo Leicha. The way in which the museum is presented allows the average person to have a clearer idea of the materials and production of wolfberry tea. In addition to the Hakka stuffed tofu, which is familiar to most people, there are glutinous rice dumplings, fried dumplings, peach amaranth, and vegetable soup.
From the collection and display of cultural relics, we can see the intentions of Hepo people.


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The Artifical fake food display for Malaysia Hopo Cultural Museum made by Clay Malaysia.

Malaysia Hopo Cultural Museum
Wisma Hopo, Jalan Pudu, Kuala Lumpur.


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