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Frame size: 10″ L x 10″W (3 cm depth)
Frame color: Black/ White with glass



What’s sweeter than a keepsake of your baby’s tiny handprint or footprint?

It’s the perfect way to preserve the memory of those tiny toes and little fingers.
About the Product Create a wonderful ornament featuring your baby’s hand or footprint.

Easy to create; No need mixing, Air drying, No mess.

This size is suitable for babies up to 1 year old. The baby can adjust the size according to age. The soil is delicate and soft, it is not sticky, the printing is very clear, and the ingredients are safe. You can rest assured that the baby can use it purely by hand.
Claymalaysia is engaged in the clay craftsmanship for many years. Every work is like its own child, so you don’t need to worry about clay. The clay has its own unique texture. Each finished product will not be exactly the same. It can be said that it comes from the temperature of the palm of your hand. Perfect but good enough.

Production instructions:
In addition to the drawings on the clay floor made by claymalaysia,
Mothers need to complete the cloud-shaped fingerprints themselves.

Each package includes:

  1. Make a good clay floor and photo frame (including all decorations)
  2. A clay and a crowbar for printing fingerprints
  3. Production instructions

Provide the following customization services:

  1. Add baby’s name, birthday. (English only)
  2. Adjust color (light blue, blue, pink, green, yellow, etc.)

Clay products must not be washed with water. Please refer to the manual for details on preservation.

When we open it one day, a smile will appear on my face, and there will be warmth in my heart.

I left all your fingerprints and footprints as a symbol of the days when my mother had been accompanied by you and kept this moment of memory.


这个尺寸适合1岁以内的小宝宝,大宝宝可以根据年龄调整尺寸. 土质细腻柔软,不粘手,印制非常清晰, 成份安全,可以放心给宝宝使用 纯手工,全部亲手设计制作。
claymalaysia 从事黏土手工创作多年, 每一件作品都如同自己的孩子,所以你无需顾虑做工 黏土有自己独特的质感 每一件成品也不会一模一样,可以说是带着手作人手心的温度而来 不完美但足够美好。

除了黏土底板上的图样由 claymalaysia 先制作好,


  1. 制作好的黏土底板及相框(包括所有装饰)
  2. 用于印制手印的黏土一份及擀棍一个
  3. 制作说明书


  1. 添加宝宝的名字,生日. (限英文)
  2. 调整配色(淡粉系列的蓝、粉、绿、黄等)





Additional information

Weight0.8 kg
Dimensions15.5 × 15.5 × 3 cm


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