Step by step

Start  Your Custom Fake Food

1. Food Photos

display food model how it works 1a
You need to submit your food photos with different perspective photos.

Information Include:

  1. Width x Height x Depth.
  2. 3D Dimension Top View, Side view & Other Angle.


Prawn: size – small, medium, Large, X-large or what dimension (cm). Fish: Type and Sizes. Other Kinds of seafood.


Chicken: whole chicken, half chicken or small chicken, or other parts) Beef : parts Mutton parts Other Kinds of meat.

2. Quote

display food model how it works 1b

We will base on your photos and clear information to quote for your foods.

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3. Signature and Tableware

display food model how it works 1c

Your food present with your own in-house signature tableware. So this tableware, you need to provide us when the work making started. And we will be making the fake food on top of it.

Food Styling Design

IF you have your own food styling design, you can also provide us the real foods and photos. So that we can do it exactly more realistic from your food.

Real Food Color

Our fine artist will easily sense the real food color and follow exactly food texture effect.

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4. Artwork/ Delivery

display food model how it works 1d

Final artwork will delivery to your business address

  1. 3 ~ 5 days (Malaysia & Singapore)
  2. 5 ~ 10 days (Indonesia & Thailand)
  3. 15 ~ 30 days more (Hong Kong, Taiwan, China, Philippine, Vietnam, India and, Western country.)


* All-time schedule depends on the courier company services.

#3 More Question

  1. Are these 4 steps SOLVED your question?
  2. Will this Fake Food Display SOLVED your business window decoration?
  3. Will your visitor like your business with this fake food?

Right social marketing with fake food display.

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