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Welcome to Clay Malaysia – The Artificial Fake Foods specialists

We also provide Handprint Keepsake for all kinds of event, Corporate Handprint event, Air-dry Clay material kits.

Restaurant Display Fake Food

F&B Exhibitor very difficulty to display their foods in fresh over 4 hour of oxidation.

Custom Artificial Fake Food

Fake Food Display | Artificial Food Manufacturer | Window Display Food Model | Realistic Artificial Faux Fake |

Fake dishes made of clay material displayed in restaurant windows are a favorite sight among foreign tourists. Take a journey with us and explore about the ultra-realistic fake foods that know how to wet your appetite...

My VIP Event Occasion

This is for event to memories your Very Important Person "VIP" came to join your company events. So that you will have a good memory ..

For my sweet memory - My Baby Handprint Footprint

Let frame your love one in a precious memories till forever last..

DIY Create my Love Hand Print

This material package is for Sweet Couple DIY love memories, your love will last longer.
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