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– Display Fake Food for F&B Exhibition, Education.

We are food model fine art artists for 10+ years of experience.


~ Display Your Food In The Position And Make Business Growth ~

Step By Step

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Food Photos

Send your food photos from few dimension;  And mention HxWxD.

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Handmade Quote

Request and Quote Handmade.

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Add-on Your own tableware.

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Artwork/ Delivery

Final Artwork done. Packaging and shipped.

2019 New Trends

Restaurant Display Fake Food

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Custom Artificial Fake Food

Display Fake Food | Artificial Food Manufacturer | Window Display Food Model | Realistic Artificial Faux Fake |

Fake dishes made of clay material displayed in restaurant windows are a favorite sight among foreign tourists. Take a journey with us and explore about the ultra-realistic fake foods that know how to wet your appetite…

My VIP Event Occasion

This is for event to memories your Very Important Person “VIP” came to join your company events. So that you will have a good memory ..

Corporate Handprint Ceremony
baby hand print foots print 01a

For My Sweet Memory - My Baby Handprint Footprint

Let frame your love one in a precious memories till forever last..

Artificial Fake Food Model - Blog

Display Fake Food – Japanese Food Masterpieces

Artisan Delights that Captivate the F&B Audience In the vibrant world of F&B, where presentation reigns supreme, display fake food emerges as an art form unlike any other. These meticulously…

Enhance Your Menu with Display Fake Food: Korean Delights Made Ultra-Realistic

Take your Korean menu to the next level with the irresistible allure and unparalleled realism of display fake food. Imagine vibrant Bibimbap bowls overflowing with colorful ingredients, succulent Bulgogi sizzling…

Display Fake Food Magic: 3D Flying Korean Cheese Platter & Crispy Chicken

Experience the enchantment of our signature menu, the Cheese Platter, where Korean culinary artistry meets 3D magic. Picture this: melt cheese and forks standing suspended in the air, creating a…

Malay Tradition Food Culture: Muzium Negeri Terengganu’s Fake Food

As the golden sands of Terengganu meet the azure waters of the South China Sea, a rich and flavorful tradition is on display at Muzium Negeri Terengganu. From October 16th,…

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