dutch indonesian thousand layer cake 1a

‘Thousand Layer Cake’ due to the many layers the cake is made of. More than 18 layers, Each layer is baked individually by grilling/broiling it. This cake use a lot labor. That’s probably why even a small piece is pretty expensive to buy in the shops. Social Marketing with display fake food is the right strategy to the audience.

Custom made Indonesia ‘Thousand Layer Cake’

We also have different variety of product for F&B exhibition event, Museum, Hospital health education, Restaurant.
Food Manufacturer.

Fake foods are used in many ways, such as props for sets in movies, television shows, theatrical plays, television commercials, print ads and trade shows. Quality Replica Food for your next event or project. Custom items available. Our masterpiece artworks are used in showrooms Museums and exhibition trade shows throughout the nation.

Simple Display Artificial Fake Food with below list:

Custom Display Food Model For F&B

Social Media Marketing is a simple way present to your right target audience. Food & Beverage Manufacturers are very concerned about the freshness of food and the food design presentation of expression. Many food exhibitors have a problem with this. Is hard to bring along a nice cooked food for exhibition presentation. Also can’t show beautiful food material at the scene.

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