Crystal Clear Ice Cubes 2cm x 2cm, high transparency, food grade material.

For Food Stylist Photographer/ Window Display Artist/ Food Exhibitor / Frozen Food.

  • Artificial clear ice cubes made from clear high-grade acrylic
  • Great for any displays and photography props or
  • Clear acrylic ice cubes square shape
  • SAFE: Ice block can use with real foods & drinks
  • Beverage liquor decoration in transparent glass
  • High-grade durability, Safe to use, Super realistic looking!
  • Package Includes: Artificial acrylic ice cubes piece
  • Cube Size: 2cm x 2 cm


TIP: Spray Water for an extra icy effect or put them in display coolers – Limitless possibilities!



AA-grade optical lenses level acrylic

materials, high transparency, the material is food grade.
Can really food, drinks put together to do shows, to bring you clever ideas!
Use for weddings, parties, food, decor, decorative atmosphere, not less of these ice.

  • Features & details:
  • Material: Acrylic
  • Color: Clear
  • Size: 2cm x 2cm
  • Package Included: 50pcs, Artificial Ice

fake ice cube 1b


Hack your photo display with crystal clear ice cube

Try on this artificial ice-cube deco for frozen food display on your High-grade or shop window display purpose.
Take a photo shooting with a nice crystal clear ice-cube on a liquor beverage in clear glass.
Suitable for Food Photography Tools and Tricks. or food window display ice effect.

fake ice cube 1c

fake ice cube 1d

fake ice cube 1e

Crystal clear fake Acrylic ice pieces are great for a variety of types of displays. You can use them as Christmas displays, commercial shoot, Photography props. Each square is approx. 2.5cm x 2cmon each side. Just like real ice cubes, they are not each perfectly square. Each bag holds 50 ice cubes.


  • ✔ Use for Decoration, Photography, Display, etc!
  • ✔ Perfect for all Occasions: Parties, Dinners, Graduations, Birthdays!
  • ✔ Realistic Look and Feel!
  • ✔ High Grade, durable, transparent Acrylic!


fake ice cube 1f

TIP: How to Shoot an Iconic Whisky Ad on a Giant Ice Cube (Video)

My Fav Photo Styling HACKS (Fake Food, Rainbow Ice Cream + MORE) (Video)


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