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Air-Dry Clay is a natural clay which can leave to room temperature to air-dries to a hard solid.

  • No baking required, easy clean-up
  • Minimal shrinkage
  • Leave it in room temperature for 24-48 hours,
  • Modeled objects are permanent.

Easy to create; no mixing, air drying, no mess
( cover with white/ pink/ light blue clay)

Option A
Adult 2 hands with 12″ x 16″ Photo Frame
Photo Frame With glass,
Frame Color : Black or Wood color only
Price : Start RM200

Finishing : Add RM40 for Gold /Silver spray

Option B
Adult 2 hands with 10″ x 10″ Photo Frame
Photo Frame With glass,
Frame Color : Black or Wood color only

Price : Start RM150

Finishing :Add RM40 for Gold /Silver spray paint.


All is customization and you can personalize custom it.
Feel free to contact us for further information!  …more


The historical value of a company or a milestone, handprint can do to preserved the value. So that would be great to have it as an important event.

Handprint clay can easy imprint captures memories of the size of hands and feet. Original impressions details into soft clay. Just in few second of handprint process.



  • VIP (very important person)
  • Artist ( Singer/ Actor )
  • Corporate joint ventures
  • Millionaire to billionaire milestone
  • Company precious moment

My VIP Event Occasion
This is for event to memories your Very Important Person “VIP” came to join your company events. So that you will have a good memory ..

Additional information

Weight800 kg


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