** Highlight note for F&B ……     

F&B Exhibitors:

  1. Restaurant owner
  2. Hospitality service
  3. F&B Manufacturing & Suppliers
  4. Importers, Exporters, Distributors and Wholesalers
  5. Food and beverage agents and re-sellers
  6. F&B Retail chain and Caterers
  7. Food Kiosks/Stall operators
  8. Local and overseas food establishments
  9. Online F&B market platforms
  10. F&B related services



Our work for Exhibition Food Models as below:

We very pleasure to serve exhibition food models for World Food Fair exhibitor.


1. Asian Malay Food

  • Malay Mee Siam, Mee Rebus
  • Malay Lontong Mee
  • Singapore Nasi Lemak
  • Malaysian Famous Nasi Lemak

2. Asian Chinese Food

  • Hai Nam Chicken rice
  • Wan Tan Hor Fun
  • Fishball Mee Hoon
  • Chinese Fried


3. Asian Indian Food

  • Indian Tosai
  • Indian Putu Mayam
  • Indian Idly cookies
  • Indian Vada savoury fried snacks


4. Vegetable, Fishes, Animal Meat, Raw food

  • Live-size Spinach vegetable plant
  • Artificial Raw fresh chicken drumstick
  • Artificial Raw fresh Kampong fish



Good testimonies to say about this exhibition:

Crowd is good. Buying power is strong. Good platform to launch a new brand.

Advertisement done for us really help us to boost our business to the next level. Once again, we would like to thank the team for giving us this opportunity to be in the fair.

This is the few time in Singapore Food Shows, and many returning customers from previous event.
For Business awareness, and consumer market testing, this is a GOOD platform to be in.



Your Food Menu With A Good Display:

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6 thoughts on “Display Food model is a social skill to reach out our audience in a better way”

  1. Hi do you teach the food replica workshops for Asian, chinese and Malay food? thanks let me know. Is it possible to learn within 7 days or so.

    1. We are Restaurant window display fake food supplier. We do not have any fake food class. Thanks for interesting.

  2. Hi . I am in Singapore..need some fake display menu like chicken rice , duck rice , fried rice . Do u follow my dish as I display in my menu ? And u make the same fake menu ? How does this work ? Pls respond

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