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Every Malaysian like to travel around “Jalan-jalan cari makan” hunter for best foods. And so hunger for all kind of foods. Klang valley and other state major city, Malacca food, Penang food, Johor food, Ipoh food, Batu Pahat food and etc.

Food model can easily educate and present directly to their visitor. Searching for where the taste come from and where the Eye-movements on restaurant window menus. That is how Malaysian hunter for their foods.


Looking at the restaurant window, display so shiny and delicious food model. Japanese sushi fake food models look good enough to eat. But the food are custom handmade replicas. These wonderful food models are so life-size and fine. this already can get more engagement from the visitor.  Restaurants are definitely a trend being seen in major large shopping malls, “People are going where the restaurant are”.


Hei, bro. Come and look here, this wonderful food make me appetite, the food color look so fresh. How the food potion on the plate; The sizes of serving per meal. Before we ordering the food, we can assume the food ingredient and the taste of food. we also can calculate the food calories.


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Eye-tracking lets you see how consumers react to different marketing information and understand their cognitive engagement, in real time. It minimizes recall errors and the social desirability effect while revealing information conventional research methods normally miss.


So as a good reputation restaurant need to make us no regret no risk for ordering the food. Knowing what are we ordering. also make the food look nice on your plate and meal potion size to be life-size. Great Ideas in Nutrition has extensive options available in various sizes, fruit models, and vegetable food models. Below is what we offer and can custom make also.


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We are fake food manufacturer in Malaysia. We can do food model for:


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