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We all like window shopping around KL, midvalley, One-utama, Pavillion or KLCC and another large shopping mall,
There we can easy browsing more retail, restaurant on window displays survey and intending to buy anything.

Looking at a plethora of the kind of shops walking around window browsing.

When i go to look at things in shops, often without intending to buy anything.


Artistic Creative window display design will inspiration us for anything in particular, igniting your intention in buying mode.


How important it is, to craving creative window display for your business.



Let’s go for LUNCH TIME !

Longtime walking in shopping mall
When we come to lunchtime, we are very hungry and tired walking.

Hmm…. What are we want to eat?
Full choices of window display food menu in shopping mall.
Real food that display in front of resturant, we like to go looking around and survey what food that we needed for our meal.


A Restaurant Window display will igniting your appetite.


Realistic fake food, fruits, bakery bread , cake , deserts and organic matters models to fool our eyes!
The window food menu make us hungry.
And it easy to take our attention make us fast decide to order our foods., a division of Fake Food manufacturer the premier supplier of customized food replicas for display purposes. Claymalaysia is base in Shah Alam. Our fake food designer artists create the most realistic fake foods for display. We specialize reproduce artificial food & flower models in any size: oversize, actual or miniature.


We custom fake food for your list:

  • Fake Chicken – All Chicken.
  • Fake Food Plate Combos
  • Fake Malay Style Foods
  • Fake Chinese Style Foods
  • Plastic Kale Variety
  • Replica Breakfast Items
  • Replica Garnish Items
  • Restaurant Kitchen Doors
  • Trade Show fake food Items.
  • Movie/ TV Prop Fake Foods


Let setup your restaurant display with fake food model




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