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For many restaurant operators,  the restaurant presentation of food and taste is very important.
But the restaurant furnishings , it must also give customer a comfortable feeling, and be able to enjoy their‘s delicious food.


Human senses always explore for new things and new taste experiences.


Some day in May , at lunch time, I walked around the Midvaley food street to find what I wanted to eat.
Exploring for new food, looking what can attract me at first sight and can also enhance my appetite.
I searching  for a long time and can’t decide what to eat,I just wandered in front of the shop window.

The food model presented in the window of the restaurant help me save a lot of trouble…
Displayed in a restaurant window with a real mess of various dishes made from of vinyl synthetic materials , these simulation fake foods allow me to look carefully. . .  searching for my appetite.


hoshino coffee window display fake foods 1b

Yes, i choose this Hoshino Coffee 星乃咖啡店

Now i can enjoy my food explore here…
Hoshino Coffee 星乃咖啡店, a famous Japanese coffee chain store, has very good hand-brewed coffee. Its thick muffins and Shufulei are top brands. Hoshino Coffee is the culmination of the unique food menu created by Nippon Restaurant and the distinctive quality coffee brought by Doutor Coffee.


These realistic fake foods even made me look for food of art.

These food art works are very beautiful, they look delicious, they attract me and they touch my taste appetite.
I looked at the various foods that were placed in the display windows, and my saliva drooped down.
This is how the illusion of food quickly led me into the restaurant.

In this fast-paced era, the food model is also a “3D food menu”. The one-to-one presentation of the authenticity of the physical content directly conveys information such as cuisine content and price. And also allowing customers to feel a sense of security and a timely guide light.

Fake Food models do exactly the same realistic, so that customers willing to pay for their favor food? This is very satisfying to many restaurant operators.


“Every foods ingredient has its own arts. The proper arrangement and combination will make the food more attractive!”


Food exhibition platform also very popular

At the food fair, variety of dishes are served in competition. Some visitor asked, “Is this food real? It’s like real,is it!”; In the shopping food roadshow or food department store, many audience and spectators like to take photo with realistic fake food. All audience look so amazing expression…


Is this a real food?


hoshino coffee window display fake foods 1d




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