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This is the most 3 why, why and why …

  • Confusing can cause (someone) to become bewildered or perplexed.
  • Indecisive (of a person) not having or showing the ability to make decisions quickly and effectively.
  • Vacillate alternate or waver between different opinions or actions; be indecisive.


How important is your restaurant window display anyway?

The persuasive and authoritative qualities of artificial fake foods regulate consumption practices in Malaysia.
There are three major ways that artificial fake food models influence consumer of food consumption and choice eating behavior.

  1. Fake food models mediate between consumer expectation and reality by facilitating decision-making processes of what and how much to eat. By looking at the model, the consumer can easily experience the sensory qualities of eating the dish, allowing fast decisions making within 30 seconds.
  2. Fake food models act as educational tools to communicate health recommendations by clarifying types of dishes and portions appropriate for individuals based on health status, gender and age. This helps disseminate a definition of a healthful diet and adequate nutrition to guide food consumption and choice.
  3. Fake food models act as a boundary marker of what constitutes Restaurant food that serves. Fake food models create the ideal visual representation of cuisine that becomes the golden standard, by which dishes are compared, judged, and reproduced as life foods.



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Fake food Models often facilitate food choice by offering good information on portion size and ingredients. Finally, as fake food models become the golden standard in the production, preparation, and consumption of food, they also dictate when to discard the “incorrect” looking food. This as a good menu for 3D food marketing strategy.
Fake food models in Malaysia go beyond these informative, decorative, and playful functions by visually ordering culinary properties and standardizing food choice.


Our fake foods is use to show life-size replicas of your menu items. We create artistic looking, appetizing food display. Display our replica foods as a decoration.


Our fake foods are life-size and
you can order for custom made

fake food lui cha
Hakka – Hopo “Lei Cha” = If you like  Hakka food for your restaurant then this is the primary dish for you! This “Lei Cha” comes with a bowl green tea soup, long bean, winged bean, roasted groundnuts, tofu into tiny cubes, white sesame seeds, and roasted white rice.. Dimensions: Plate Diameter – 24.0 cm (9.4 in) Made from polyvinyl chloride (PVC)


fake food noodle 01
Hakka fried noodle is served in a white mee hoon noodle, few pieces of small prawn, few slices of onion leaves,  small meat.




Claymalaysia custom fake food display for your restaurant window display, You can outstanding your restaurant form other competitors. Your Restaurant looks glorious and trendy.

You have a good menu.
Let enhance your menu to more effectively and visually.

Contact us for your restaurant window display food model



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