Lovely set of custom made artificial fake food model bring features some key images for a restaurant theme. Bright and eye-catching they’re great for use in F&B exhibition display or as classroom enhancements, as well as for prompting discussions on Indian Food.
Serve up tasty colorful Indian food to your guests. Indian cuisine is highly popular thanks to its rich flavors.


Focusing display to the right targeted audience



Indian Food For Restaurant Window Display



Indian food cuisine offers a unique, colorful display of food with an exotic and interesting tasting experience. You can choose from a variety of flavors – hot and/or sweet and traditional curries with chicken, lamb, beef and/or vegetables. This means there will be something for everyone. Finger foods like samosas and onion bhajis work as an excellent starter or party food.



Banana leaf rice meal, which comes with three side dishes (vegetarian) and curries. It is a popular lunch option across Malaysia & Singapore. The multiple components of rice, curry, assorted vegetables, rasam and side dishes make for a satisfying meal packed with spicy and sour flavours.

Idli and Sambhar
This glorious steamed rice pancake with innumerable health benefits has made its way through generations. Idlis are about 2-3 inch wide, fluffy and can be relished for breakfast, lunch, snacks or dinner along with some finely ground coconut chutney and a hot steaming bowl of sambhar.


Indian food menu list:

  1. Banana Leaf Rice
  2. Idli with Coconut Spice Sauce
  3. Roti canai with Dal Sauce
  4. Fried Spice Sotong
  5. Fried Spice Fish
  6. Satay with Peanut Spice Sauce
  7. Thosai with Coconut Spice Sauce



Eye-catching window displays

Claymalaysia fake food model use in restaurant window displays as eye-catching theme design.  Our artwork display at Hopo Culture Museum, KLCC shopping mall food court, Singapore Bakery Academy, Singapore International School, Hospital Health Department, Japan Ice-cream, Indonesia “Thousand layer cake” Franchise.



Custom make your artificial food model displays for your restaurant.

Order now and display to your right targeted audience



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