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Today weather is very hot. every people like cool drink & air condition room. Ice cream is a solution for food lovers to cooling down emotion and appetizing in this hot Asian weather. According to scientists analysis, female is the most like consume ice cream and sweets. Food and Beverage industries are producing creative ice cream and snowflake ice cream for female audience. In most cases, female influencers tend to attract an audience of other women, which makes them ideal channels for brands to use in marketing to a female demographic.


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Attract your audience with the right window display:

Social Marketing Display Fake Foods


Display Fake Food ‘Taste with Eyes’ Appetizing Me

2020 Social marketing strategy is more popular on Restaurant Window display fake food and is growing. Especially Shopping mall in big city Singapore, Malaysia, China also easy to see it. Every F&B marketer is creatively express their Foods Menu combine into Interior Design. Every female audience like to eye tracking for foods for appetizing before choosing their meal.


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Window Display Fake Food Add To Restaurant Interior

A lot of restaurants menu addon our artworks into their interior design. This can make the top recommended foods menu standout and more attractive from modern creative interior design. Kakigori Japanese snowflake attracts more food lovers visits yummy snowflake deserts and contemporary interior design.

  1. Kakigōri Japanese shaved ice dessert
  2. Thailand coconut milk ice cream
  3. Singapore Yogurt ice-cream



F&B display Fake Food for Social Marketing

Claymalaysia is One of the pioneers Fake Food models manufactures in Asia Pacific.
Our artworks in Hospital health education, Culture museum, Food trader, Health Supplement Company, International F&B Exhibitor, Restaurant & Advertising company.


For Photographer, Food Stylist, TV Show and Movie Production:

Easy Display Faux Food Model Props


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