Real looking food sometimes can pank my eyes. Can not believe my eyes.
Most audiences will say to me: Can I touch it.
The foods look so real. I can’t even differential it.
Which one is the artificial food model?
when I looking at the food, I feel hungry and it appetizes me

So I gentle smile to them.
These realistic of masterpiece artworks made by experience Claymalaysia Fine art Artist



Artificial Food Model Props Will Never Fade

Claymalaysia solved the difficulty for photo Shooting. Nice photo shoot with food design sometimes real food is difficult to make shooting arrangement.
With Real food, the color will fade off and oxidation when it displays a long period of time. Photographer has to make food look delicious in the camera. Artificial fake food model will solve the problem of shooting time management. other accessory Fake crystal ice also a solution for a photographer to capture frozen food without melting.



Custom High-Quality Artificial Fake Food

High quality of artificial fake food, specially custom handmade by Claymalaysia. Our Fine Art Artists with 7 years of food & beverage experience.
We also have more of artworks in the market especially in Traditional Restaurant, Modern Restuarant, Culture Food Museum, Health Education, hospital health institute, Food Photographer, Tv Props, International School, International food and beverage exhibitor.



International food beverage on display food

Fake food is a perfect display for any kinds of interior events. Food Beverage manufacturer creative display their products and services. Our Customers from Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Brunei, India & Middle East.


For Photographer, Food Stylist, TV Show and Movie Production:

Easy Display Faux Food Model Props


  1. Singapore Bakery Academy
  2. Dutch-Indonesian Thousand Layer Cake
  3. Thailand Coconut Ice Cream Franchise Business
  4. Arabic Beef and Chicken Biriyani
  5. Indian Popular Daily Food
  6. Kakigōri Japanese shaved ice dessert



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  1. The handphone number on your website does not exist. Is there another number I can contact with you guys by?

  2. Hi,
    We have visited your website for artificial food products and We believe that such product has very good potential to grow in Asia market,it is in this respect that we would like to have business association with your company to sell artificial food products in China .
    We look forward to receiving your favorable response soon.

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