Egg Tart is difficult to display live, it has to keep in the glass food warmer for a display to the customer.
If the egg tarts open-air display, after several hours the egg gel surface become not shining and tart dry and crack. Every snack bakery facing this problem in their display items.


Serve food in fresh with Clay Malaysia Food Model

We make Artificial fake food for your snack, cookie, fruits, food. We also custom made frozen food, packed food, and livestock. And also Japanese Franchise ice-cream and beverage coffee to display it in the right way. This method is to avoid food from getting bad image & wasted food for the environment.



Get Problem Solve with Food Model

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Dishes to order at Tai Zi Ta Mini Egg Tart bakery

  1. Famous Mini Egg Tarts
  2. Mini Thai Pineapple Tarts
  3. Mini Tuna Tarts
  4. Siew Pau” (baked pork buns)
  5. Mini Apple Tarts
  6. Mini Coconut Tarts
  7. Mini kaya puffs
  8. Medium Curry puffs

Freshly baked tarts are made mini &  easy to serve

I think Tai Zi Ta mini egg tarts are such a crowd favourite because of the fact that they’re mini-sized…and super easy to eat. The best tarts are tarts consumed fresh from the oven, piping hot. To get maximum satisfaction, lovely regular customer always drop-by to ask for the time when the fresh batches of tarts will be ready from the oven, and then come back at said time.



太子挞 Tai Zi Ta Egg Tarts @ Taman Muda
10a, Jalan Bunga Mawar 2, Taman Muda, Kuala Lumpur 56100
Opening Hours (See all days +) 08:00am – 06:00pm
Tel: +60 12 660 4616

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